Welcome to Victoria Plating Ltd. where custom metal plating has been our business for over 60 years.

Whether you have chrome parts, brass fixtures, even silver antiques, we can custom plate, polish and repair to the highest standard. Attention to detail and high quality of craftmanship are what distinguishes our work. Browse our list of services or enjoy the gallery, then contact us for more information.

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Answers to Common Questions


  • Re-plate or strip plating from any aluminum car or motorcycle wheels ( the cost associated with this procedure makes it impractical )
  • Guarantee expectations on customer welded or custom fabricated parts where prior to construction understandings are not conveyed
  • Anodize aluminum (closest places are in Vancouver)
  • Plate plastic or any material that is not steel, brass , copper , pot metal , zinc die cast or aluminum
  • Plate stainless steel (we can only offer a hi-polish or brush finishes)
  • Re-plate exhaust pipes where the baffles can not be removed
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